Our Mission

The iYr of Refuge (IOR) is a non-profit organization, providing comprehensive services for women with children experiencing domestic and/or sexual abuse.

The specific and primary purpose for which this corporation is formed is to provide women with children minimum direct personal services in the form of housing, counseling and education during the most traumatic period of an abuse related to domestic and/or sexual violence. In addition to housing, tutoring service for the single women parents is provided. Teen pregnancy counseling and services (abortions not included) as well as food service and distribution services are also provided to the women and children of the iYr of Refuge.

The IOR helps survivors of domestic abuse begin again and provides immediate safety to abuse victims and their children. We seek to empower survivors of domestic violence so that they may live lives free from fear, anxiety, and danger. Our desire is to enable and empower them to make their own decisions and choices, and to educate the community about domestic abuse and sexual violence.